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Maya Gabeira Surfs Nude for ESPN's The Body Issue


Maya Gabeira. Photo: Francesco Carrozzini for ESPN The Magazine (More images of Gabeira from ESPN's The Body Issue)

Big-wave surfer Maya Gabeira is one of the many athletes featured in ESPN's 2012 Body Issue. Earlier today, the magazine released the below video that shows the Brazilian riding her board in the buff.

In an extended online interview, the 25-year-old, 5'6" 125lb surfer shares one secret about her body that you would probably never guess by looking at her.

I've broken my nose 10 times. Maybe 11. I've lost count. It became so sensitive that anything hitting it would dislocate it and make it bleed and swell, until one time it got smashed into pieces. I tried to avoid surgery because I didn't want to be out of the water, but a doctor told me if I didn't get it fixed I wouldn't be able to breathe fully, maybe only 70-80 percent. So I had surgery to fix it.

So, aside from being beautiful and in peak physical shape, she's also tough. To view more pictures of Gabeira and other big-name athletes in the nude, check out ESPN The Magazine.

—Joe Spring

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