Video of Man Tracking and Chasing Down Bike Thief

When a Portland man had his $2,000 Fuji bike stolen, he took matters into his own hands. The man, who gave himself the alias Simon Jackson, watched Craigslist and Reddit until he found his bike for sale in Seattle. He gathered his friends and traveled 160 miles to the city and set up a sting. He disguised his area code so that the thief thought he was calling from Seattle, then set up a meeting. He notified police about when and where he was going to confront the thief, and recorded video when it happened. The police did not show up in time for that meeting, so Jackson chased the thief down. You can watch what happened next in the video above.

Not so long ago, Outside's Patrick Symmes went to Portland and set up multiple bikes embedded with GPS in order to track and catch thieves. You can read about his exploits in "Who Pinched My Ride?"

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—Joe Spring

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