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Expedition Watch: Mongol Derby

The staff of Outside has more than a passing interest in this year's 621-mile, 25-station Mongol Derby. That's because the man currently in 11th place is former Outside intern Will Grant, 31. The race started with 35 competitors who will ride roughly 1,000 semi-wild horses across a recreation of Genghis Khan's epic postal service route. Every 25 miles the riders will stop and switch their horses.

On day five, Grant missed a bridge and ended up swimming across a river beside his horse:

Another pair of riders, Sam Wyborn and Will Grant took the plunge after missing the bridge, with Will Grant reportedly taking a swim beside his horse, getting himself and all his kit thoroughly drenched.

We hope he's wearing quick-dry clothes. The race began on August 10 and is expected to last seven to 10 days. That means the finish may be this Friday. If you want to follow along, check out adventurists.com.

—Joe Spring

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