3 Cycling Fitness Myths That Are Actually Kind of True

The fitness industry is packed with more mythology than the Odyssey and Iliad combined. Most of them—think millions of sit ups will flatten a belly—are as real as the Cyclops. But a few are actually grounded in reality. Here are three oft-debunked fitness myths that are more fact than fiction.

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The fitness industry—more so than most—is full of myths. Everyone is looking for a quick fix or to sum up the basics of a complete workout in just a few words or less. But some of these easy takeaways, believe it or not, are grounded in reality. We spoke to Dr. Timothy Noakes and Dr. Stephen S. Cheung, co-author of Cutting Edge Cycling, to find three cycling tips that you should take to heart.


Selene Yeager is a certified personal trainer, pro mountain bike racer, and triathlete. She has authored more than two dozen books and writes Bicycling magazine's weekly Fit Chick column.

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