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Adventure Video of the Week: Fathoms Left to Fall

In early March of 2012, 50-foot slabs of water rose up at Mullaghmore Head, a break off the northwestern coast of Ireland in County Sligo. Some of the biggest waves at that location in 15 years had been pushed east by the Viking Storm, an extreme weather system that originated off the tip of Greenland. Surfer Andrew Cotton rode one giant that got him an entry for the 2012 Billabong XXL Ride of the Year.

In Fathoms Left to Fall, director Chris McClean tells the story of Mullaghmore Head's mutants without commentary. It's shot after shot of the local scenery, crosscut with profiles of surfers, crosscut with footage of tow-ins, crashes, and the clean white lines left on big, dark, fleeting faces just before they explode into spray.

The song is "Depth Over Distance," by Ben Howard.

—Joe Spring


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