Waiting, and Waiting, to Make Some Turns in Termas de Chillan

"Every night we went to bed patching all the holes, doublechecking all the lines, and every morning we woke reminded of the Schwarzenegger strength of Murphy’s Law in these parts. For nearly two weeks, anything and everything was just going to shit." —On the Road: Termas

There's an overabundance of cheese to be eaten, a lip that is split open by teeth after a hard landing, and all sorts of menial, bothersome tasks to be completed during Sweetgrass Productions' session in the backcountry of Termas de Chillan in Chile. Luckily, the narration of such events isn't lacking. Neither is the cinematography, especially when the crew finally gets a chance to log some turns.

On the Road: Termas is the eleventh of 12 episodes on the making of the movie Solitaire. If you haven't seen the previous episodes, watch them on the Sweetgrass Productions page on Vimeo.

—Joe Spring

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