Live the Dream: Race Director

Classic dream jobs and the new rules for landing them

Sep 17, 2012
Outside Magazine
Tough Mudder Shutterstock.

Tough Mudder Shutterstock.    Photo: Glynnis Jones

Why It’s Great: Organizers travel to some of the coolest spots on earth while bringing together a huge community of like-minded competitors.

First Know This: You’ll be so busy getting permits, recruiting volunteers, and dealing with marketing ­issues that you won’t be able to race yourself.

Get the Gig: The way to break into this small, rapidly expanding field is through education. A few colleges, like Castleton State in Vermont and Rice University in Texas, offer majors like sport administration through which you can take courses in event management. “Then snag an internship and shadow a great race director,” says Joseph Desena, who started the Spartan Race series in 2010. “Learn the ropes firsthand, even if you have to work for free.” Once you’re familiar with how events operate, you’ll have the experience to pull one off on your own. And by following the right director, you may even inherit his
or her race

Start Here: Race series with job postings online include Spartan, Tough Mudder, and Rock ’n’ Roll.

Salary: $65,000–$150,000 ($7,500–$15,000 per event)