Live the Dream: Adventure Filmmaker

Classic dream jobs and the new rules for landing them

Sep 17, 2012
Outside Magazine
Filmmaker Shutterstock.

Filmmaker Shutterstock.    Photo: Kuzma

WHY IT'S GREAT: You’re in the field doing something creative.

FIRST KNOW THIS: You’ll spend many, many hours editing stories about other people doing the things they love.

GET THE GIG: Many of today’s up-and-coming filmmakers went to a seminar like the Banff Centre’s Adventure Filmmaker’s Workshop or (ahem) the Outside Adventure Film School. But Nick Rosen, co-owner of Boulder, Colorado-based Sender Films, says you can also just buy a prosumer camera, like a Canon 5D, to experiment with and get an internship at an independent film company. “Find somebody whose work you admire and hound them until you’re hired,” says Rosen, and he should know: four of Sender’s unpaid interns have become full-time filmmakers. The next challenge is getting funding. “There are plenty of small sponsorships in the outdoor industry,” says Rosen. “But 90 percent of the capital is your own sweat.”

START HERE: Companies to look into include Sender, Camp 4 Collective, Serac Adventure Films, and Sweetgrass Productions.

SALARY: $25,000–$30,000