American Giant: Sweatshirts That Aren't From a Sweatshop


Since the 1980s, most apparel has been made somewhere in Asia, and a lot of it, particularly casual basics like sweatshirts, t-shirts and polo shirts, feels cheap and poorly made—or at least way overpriced for the quality of the finished product.

American Giant aims to change that by making men’s basics in Brisbane, California. A facility in California lets the San Francisco-based company be efficient and nimble in its production, monitoring quality on the line and responding to customer demands with short lead times. It also makes it possible to ensure that factory employees are paid a fair wage and guaranteed a high standard of working conditions.

Founded by Bayard Winthrop, former president of Chrome and veteran of half a dozen other outdoor brands, American Giant launched last February with a line of men’s sweatshirts inspired by the classic American styles of the past that fit right, felt good when you first put them on, and lasted for years. Since then, the company has added a new men’s basic every four to six weeks, including t-shirts, v-necks, henleys and polo shirts. Each item is made with the highest level of attention to detail to ensure that the final product looks great and is top-quality.


American Giant apparel is sold exclusively online with free shipping and returns. So, you get great product, service, and you don’t have to pay through the nose for it. By compressing its supply chain with a direct-to-you model, American Giant achieves quality manufacturing at a reduced cost that it passes on to you. Get the full story below:

American Giant products are guaranteed to last for years and get better with every wash—true value that’s 100 percent made in America. Full-zip hooded sweatshirt available now, $79;

—Berne Broudy

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