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Summits Made on Manaslu

Manaslu. Photo: Switchback Travel/Flickr

Multiple expeditions reported Monday that they summited Manaslu. The successful bids come a little more than a week after an avalanche swept through Camp III and left at least 11 dead or missing. Earlier today, Mountain Professionals posted a dispatch—"From Camp IV, with our boots still on and probably looking a bit rough at this point with crazy things still frozen to our beards, noses, and who knows where else"—that said everyone on their team reached the summit. Altitude Junkies said that one climber and two sherpas did not make the final push this past weekend, but that 15 others did bag the 26,759-foot peak.

Russell Brice said his Himex team would head for the summit on September 30, but they have not posted a dispatch announcing results yet. No word has come from the camp of Sebastian Haag and Benedikt Böhm on whether they have been able to climb and ski the mountain without the use of supplemental oxygen.

—Joe Spring

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