SOG Blade Light Folder: Slices and Dices, Even in the Dark


Boyscout blades are a dime a dozen, but SOG’s Blade Light Folder (BLT-50N) takes camping knives to a new level.

This steel-blade folding knife has six LED lights, three molded into the handle on either side of the blade, to light up whatever it is you’re slicing shadow-free. Fold the blade up when you’re done fileting your fish or cutting your Camembert for the evening, and you have a 35-lumen flashlight—bright enough to get you to the outhouse and back to your tent.

The knife takes two standard AAA batteries that power the lights for about 4.5 hours. When you don't need 'em, you can turn the lights off with a simple push button.

You’ll impress your friends, and be able to prepare backcountry crudité in the dark without need for your medical kit. Bonus: it's submersible. Also available in a straight blade.

Get the full scoop here:

The Folder is available October 2012, $85;

—Berne Broudy

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