K2 National Snowboard Binding: Single-Ratchet Ease, Dual-Ratchet Security


Unlike traditional snowboard bindings that use two ratchet straps to secure your boot to your binding, K2's National uses Auto, a new device that tightens both front and rear straps with a single ratchet.


Auto saves weight and ups the speed and ease of strapping in. It's simple in theory, but the mechanics are unique and fairly complex. An overbuilt ratchet on the upper strap is cabled to the front, underneath the binding. Tighten the top strap, and the Auto simultaneously tightens the toe. It’s slick and hassle-free, which means speedy strap-in on-the-fly with fewer moving parts, whether you're putting your board on or taking it off.

The National is made for all-mountain and freestyle riding. It also has Tweakback highbacks—made from pliable urethane—designed for maximum freestyle flexibility that's stable and supportive when engaged, loose and bendy when you want to get grabby. Canted footbeds add vibration dampening in the heel and toe of the binding to absorb chatter and suck up sudden impact from flat landings and rough terrain. The K2 National Binding is available now, $230; k2snowboarding.com.

—Berne Broudy

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