The Best Bug-Repelling Clothing: For Your Head

UV Buff With Insect Shield

Oct 8, 2012
Outside Magazine
UV buff.

UV buff.    Photo: Courtesy Buff

Instead of having to shampoo bug spray out of your hair, get wrapped up in seamless Buff headwear, specifically the unisex UV Buff with Insect Shield. The multifunctional headwear can be worn in at least 12 different ways—from a hat to a headband to a hood—and comes in eight different bright designs, as well as two camo options to stay bug-free while hunting.

The bug-repellent Buff is an easy way to ensure ticks don’t get onto you or your family’s scalps during a hike or camping trip. We really loved the option of wearing a headband instead of a hat while participating in outdoor activities, especially gardening, where bugs can be the worst. Along with keeping the pests away, Buff headwear blocks 95 percent of UV rays, uses active odor control technology to stay fresh, and wicks away the sweat you work up during a hike. ($27,