The Best Bug-Repelling Clothing: For Your Feet

ExOfficio BugsAway Purdom Vented Hiker Sock

Oct 8, 2012
Outside Magazine
Vented Hiker Sock.

Vented Hiker Sock.    Photo: Courtesy ExOfficio

Even if you lather your body with bug spray, it seems that the little critters still manage to find a way to bite up the ankles. The ExOfficio BugsAway Purdom Vented Hiker socks will keep your feet and ankles bug free around the fire, on a hike, or while backpacking.

Although the socks aren’t made with the softest material, the moisture-wicking fabric incorporates Insect Shield technology to ward off bugs and biting insects. The unisex socks are made from a recycled polyester and wool blend, and have mesh venting on top of the foot, a reinforced toe and heel, and built-in arch support. ($22,