The Ultimate Gear Storage Facility

How to build your very own gear shrine

gear garage Mark Shipman

Outside the ultimate gear garage    Photo: Jose Mandojana

Inside the ultimate garage.

Every minute spent wrangling gear in a cluttered closet is time wasted. This truth prompted Mark Shipman, a 64-year-old skier and climber from Wenatchee, Washington, to build the most impressive gear-storage facility we’ve encountered. Using made-to-fit shelves, a custom lazy Susan, and drying racks, he packed 10 pairs of skis, two bikes, and all of his climbing and camping equipment into his 20-by-20-foot garage. Then he used the extra space to house a home-brewing kit, a walk-in cooler, and two climbing walls on the shed’s exterior. Here’s Shipman’s blueprint for building the ultimate gear shrine.

USE WALLS WISELY: If you’re starting from scratch, cover your walls with OSB, a composite that’s tough enough to be drilled into. Build shelves parallel to the wall—the sides of each unit, and the spaces between them, are for hanging and drying gear.

INNOVATE: To keep his climbing ropes off the ground and away from corrosive chemicals, Shipman installed a 24-inch lazy Susan, upside down and at eye level. His ropes hang and rotate, like on a tie rack, for easy access.

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