Ski and Be Seen

The Ski Junkie's guide to the sickest skiing and hottest cold-weather happenings this winter

Aug 16, 2006
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Corbis

ENVY THE TRUSTAFARIAN: his Sahara-weary Blundstones, his digicam full of pics from his heli-skiing trip in New Zealand, his endless free time to pursue such far-flung travels. Is there a better fantasy than the trustafarian lifestyle—freeing yourself from the punch clock and hopscotching around the globe with skis or board in tow? If you've ever come home to an empty fridge and considered turning on your heels and blowing your whole 401(k) on a winter walkabout, you'll appreciate our calendar—a discerning datebook for well-heeled ski bums worldwide. From the greatest ski-town parties to the best times to hit the best resorts, it's all here. Your first step? Buy the limited-edition $6,000 Gold Pass, good at more than 260 resorts in 35 states (800-974-2226, Proceeds from Gold Pass sales help support U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team athletes, and passes are fully transferable to an unlimited number of your moochy ski-bum friends. Not ready for a radical life change? Just clip our list and knock off an item or two per year. You'll be the richer for it.