Ski Pants: The Cuff

1. The Racer
Two rolls of the hem expose all four buckles. You're saying: I don't huck. But try me on the groomers. You're wearing: Spyder Training Pants ($150; and Salomon's stiff Falcon 10 ($850;

2. The Jiblet
Baggy low-riders cover your heel and then some. You're saying: Film me skiing down these metal stairs. You're wearing: Orage Work LTD Pants ($230; and Rossignol freestyle Blast boots ($420;

3. The Hard Man
Stretch fabric clings to the boot like Saran. You're saying: I just skinned 20 miles. You're wearing: Cloudveil Koven Plus Bib ($330; and Dynafit Zzero4 Carbon Thermoflex boots ($730;

4. The Bubba
Levi's acid-wash dungarees snugged into black-and-white Salomon rear-entry boots from 1989. You're saying: Don't mess with Texas. You're wearing: A Cowboys Starter jacket and a Marlboro haze.

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