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Skiing with Laird Hamilton

Winter Travel Guide 1996

Skiing with Laird Hamilton
By Paul Kvinta

Occupation: Big-Wave Kahuna

Favorite Places to Ski: "Wherever they don't have rules and regulations." That means heli-skiing in places like the Chugach Mountains near Valdez, Alaska--"Seventy-five feet of base snow. Yeah, some spots are pretty dangerous"--or the Caucasus Mountains near the Black Sea--"A big Russian helicopter just hovers us over, the trap door flies open, and we fly out the back."

Favorite Ski Partner: Noted French extreme skier Dominique Pierre. "Without a doubt, he's the world's most psychotic skier. I kinda like that. But I'll go with anyone who's got a balls-out philosophy."

Greater Fear--Skiing Wipeouts or Surfing Wipeouts? "Basically, other than when an avalanche buries you, you can't drown on a mountain. Mountains don't move. Now waves, man, they move. Every wave is an avalanche."

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