Skiing With Bruce Babbitt

Winter Travel Guide 1996

Skiing With Bruce Babbitt

By Paul Kvinta

Occupation: Head Tree-Hugger

Favorite Place to Downhill: "When I'm traveling out West, I usually try to route my trip through Salt Lake City because the slopes are so accessible to the airport. Alta and Snowbird are only 40 minutes away, and Park City is close, too. They've all got double-black-diamonds. Of course, I don't ski them as aggressively as I used to."

Most Zenlike Ski Experience: "In the early 1970s I spent a New Year's weekend with Dan Fogelberg at his place in southern Colorado, and he introduced me to cross-country skiing. We're sitting around the fireplace and watching the full moon, and he says, 'Let's go skiing!' It was midnight, but we went out and skied for a few hours. I thought, 'Man, this is for me.'"

Favorite AprŠs-Ski Activity (in an election year): "If there's a hot tub around, I love sitting in one of those. Well, actually, I enjoy going out to dinner with my family. Yeah, that would be my first choice."

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