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Winter adventure trips

Week of October 1-7, 1998
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Winter adventure trips
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Winter adventure trips

By Amy Marr

Question: I’m looking into options for a winter adventure trip to maybe South or Central America, Asia or Australia. I’m most interested in biking, hiking, maybe kayaking, and either camping or staying at inns. I’d like to go for a couple of weeks and with a group. I’m a single thirty-something woman, and I’m hoping you’ll have some ideas (besides Backroads, which I’m already considering) for groups that would have some solo travelers around my age. I’d like to go somewhere not too touristy, and I’m a vegetarian so hopefully most trips could accommodate me. Thanks for your help!

Wendy Lobel
New York, New York

Adventure Adviser: You can’t go wrong with Backroads, and I know they have a slew of offerings — and some designated singles trips — in your desired destinations. As for making sure there are other solo travelers your age, I’d suggest you call any outfitter directly and ask for a group profile of your chosen trip. That way you’ll have a sense of the group’s composition before everyone there at the airport. Your vegetarianism shouldn’t be a problem, either, but let the tour company/outfitter know way in advance so they will have time to alert the trip leaders and accommodate your diet restrictions.

If Backroads is the price point you’re looking at, then also check out California-based Mountain Travel Sobek. This first-rate outfitter offers several adventures to your desired locales. For starters, there’s a 10-day rafting trip on Ecuador’s River of the Sacred Waterfalls. The $2000 adventure (excluding airfare) includes five nights each of camping and hotelling. If you can take your trip in December, how about a 15-day, $2495 trekking adventure to Venezuela’s Angel Falls and Mt. Auyantepui? They also offer a 10-day sea kayaking, rafting and rainforest hiking trip to Costa Rica, with multiple departures throughout the winter. If you prefer Chile and Argentina, there’s a trekking trip to the Paine Circuit and a 17-day hiking trip to Patagonia’s national parks. For a catalog and more info, call 1-888-MTSOBEK.

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