<i>Outside</i> Buyer's Guide Winter 2007-2008

Gear of the Year: Alpine skis

Outside Buyer's Guide Winter 2007-2008

Outside Buyer's Guide Winter 2007-2008

Ski Boots: Feel the power
Slope Style: Hip goes high-tech
Ski Poles: Strong and light sticks
Goggles: Get clarity
Destinations: Find powder here
The Goods: Nordic skiing
Covet: A woolen classic
Drawing Board: Snow science

Gear of the Year: Soft shells
Layers: Shirts for all conditions
Destinations: Classic ski towns
Apr├Ęs Boots: Your feet deserve them
Testimonial: Q&A with Dean Cardinale

Gear of the Year: Snowboards
Slope Style: From pants to goggles
Snowboard Boots: For every rider
Destinations: The best for boarders
Testimonial: Q&A with Eero Ettala

Gear of the Year: Storm shells
Hats: Merino beanies, windproof lids, and more
Winter Pants: Six foul-weather trousers
Covet: Limited-edition Sorels
Testimonial: Q&A with Nick DeVore
The Goods: Ice climbing

Gear of the Year: Backcountry skis
Snow Tools: Out-of-bounds essentials
Destinations: Backcountry stashes
The Goods: Winter camping
Covet: A perfect ax
Insulated Jackets: Deep winter to spring
Gear of the Year: Snowshoes
Testimonial: Q&A with Cody Townsend
Drawing Board: A binding breakthrough
The Goods: Winter cycling

Gear of the Year: Packs
Drawing Board: A smarter probe
Helmets: Find your lid
Gloves: Tough hand warmers
Covet: A faster sled

Gear of the Year: Trail runners
Sunglasses: Six sweet new shades
Tech Tools: Rock your hotel room
The Goods: Hit the tropics

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