Expeditions: Yet More Souls On Ice

Outside magazine, April 1995

Expeditions: Yet More Souls On Ice
By Todd Balf

Late last December, Liv Arnesen, a former schoolteacher from Oslo, Norway, became the first woman to reach the South Pole alone. Beginning at Hercules Inlet, near Patriot Hills, she skied 745 miles in 50 days while pulling a sled weighing 110 pounds and lugging a 34-pound backpack. Arnesen's feat kicked off what's shaping up to be a big year in polar expeditioning (see "Many, Many Souls on Ice," Dispatches, March 1995). And it seems that it will only get more crowded at the earth's ends. Martin Leonard, a 37-year-old educator, kayaker, climber, and musher from Valdez, Alaska, recently announced plans for a self-supported kayak traverse of the Northwest Passage in Canada. He'll start paddling sometime this summer, depending on ice conditions.

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