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Me Talk Snowboard One Day

A crash-course quiz on the slanguage you'll hear blaring over the halfpipe (or, rather, "stunt ditch") in Vancouver.

1. A snowboarder is said to have proper "amplitude" if his or her...

Shaun White at the 2009 winter X Games

Shaun White at the 2009 winter X Games

a. rear end's width exceeds the distance between his or her pinkies when the tips of the thumbs are touching
b. maneuvers are performed at dizzying heights above the lip of the halfpipe
c. iPod earbuds are loud and leaky enough that the garbled rhymes of Trouble Andrew get picked up by NBC's shotgun mikes

2. "Oh, backsnap gnarler!" screams the announcer. The rider has just…
a. caught a heel edge and slammed his head on the snow
b. kicked his board to his back and executed a 1020 while holding a long, soulful grab
c. landed on his back on the lip of the pipe, folding his waist backward into a right angle

3. It's considered imperative to yell "Dropping!" before...
a. lowering your pants to a sag level—no higher than mid-cheek—appropriate for halfpipe competition
b. starting a run, so your fellow riders have time to get their digicams out
c. executing a stage dive from the podium at a medal ceremony

4. A snowboarder has "bonked" when...
a. the brief sugar high from his energy drink ends before his run is complete
b. he fails to wake up in time for the event
c. he taps a fixed object, like a barrel, with his board while flying through the air

5. "Booter" can refer to which of the following?
a. A huge jump that riders spend half the day building and the rest of it sitting above
b. The hiking trail up a steep slope favored by tight-pantsed backcountry skiers
c. A rider who can't hold his post-competition liquor
d. All of the above

See the answers here.

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