2007 Ski & Snowboard Hot List

To bring you the best of winter, we set up shop in Aspen, the over-the-top playground of dry powder, long steeps, and never-sleep nightlife.

» THE O ZONE: San Francisco's urban ski fest; CamelBak's boom box/backpack.

Powder to the People

Clip in, ride on : more ski and board reviews and a behind-the-scenes peek at Outside's weeklong photo shoot in Aspen.

» ESCAPES: Alaska heli-skiing gets its first five-star makeover.

» RISING STAR: Lynsey Dyer's got her own show (think Cribs for the active set) and still has time to polish her switch 360.

» LIFESAVERS: Cutting-edge backcountry gear is there when you're in deep.

» RIDES: Toyota resurrects the classic FJ. Good news: It still loves the muck.

» HOTELS: Glass-and-steel ski digs from Park City to Whistler.

» HUCK U.: How pro freeskier Justus Meyer overcame Ivy League hardship.

» BARS: Eric Hansen staggers through the highs and lows of Aspen nightlife.

» THE LOCAL: The final days of Aspen wildman Hunter S. Thompson.

» REVIEW: Winter's fastest, toughest, and carvingest skis and boards.
PLUS: The freeheel binding that will revolutionize telemarking.

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