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Scandinavian sojourns on foot

Week of May 14-20, 1998
Scandinavian sojourns on foot
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Scandinavian sojourns on foot
Question: I’m trying to find a hiking/walking tour (moderate level, not all mountains) in Scandinavia, hopefully in May or June. So far, no luck. Do you have any ideas for me? Backroads has one but sounds more punishing than my ideal escape from work.

Diane Nelson (former Minnesotan)
Mountain View, California

Steep rocky bluffs rise above
a fjord in Norway

Adventure Adviser: Since you are a fellow Minnesotan and probably a fellow Scandinavian, I felt obliged to answer your question. However, in my reams of travel literature, I came up a bit short when searching for a moderately difficult walking tour in Scandinavia. One trip you may want to consider is Active Journeys Inc’s (800-597-5594) “Norway-Reindeer Country” which explores the Rondane Mountains and surrounding national park. The tour operates from a Norwegian-style lodge in central Norway, with daily guided hikes among moose, reindeer and wildflower. If you feel like varying your daily routine, the lodge also provides opportunities for horseback riding, biking, canoeing, and fishing. Offered every Sunday from mid-June to September, the week-long trip costs $650 including meals.

Walking Softly Adventures is a company whose philosophy includes the ideas that everyone should have to carry only a daypack with personal provisions, and everyone should be able to choose their own pace, distance, and level of difficulty. The company, operated by a husband and wife couple offers a 14-day “Fjord Norway” trip that is, unfortunately, in August. Though a lot of the hiking is in the precipitous fjord region of Norway, you’ll explore some of the most spectacular scenery Europe has to offer. Land cost of the 14-day adventure is $3,350 per person. Call 503-788-9017 for details.

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