And Cats are Right Behind

Dec 2, 2010
Outside Magazine

Brian Mohn/Ember Photo    Photo: Brian Mohn/Ember Photo

Can't afford a heli? Hop a snowcat. Powder Mountain's Snowcat Powder Safari, which has served up Warren Miller–like steeps for three years, expands this year, opening up an additional 1,000 acres in the steep Davenport drainage. Expect 45-degree runs reaching 1,600 vertical feet ($375 per day; At Crested Butte, the year-old CS Irwin outfit accesses 12,000 vertical feet of rolling bowls and steep glades per day from the comfort of a cat outfitted with bison-leather seats and a flatscreen TV ($450 per day; East Coasters: Sugarbush, Vermont's two-year-old Lincoln Limo accesses Sugarbush South's summit before the lift lines open ($75 per run;