Custom or Stock?

The first step in buying custom skis. Deciding whether you really need them.

Sep 30, 2011
Outside Magazine

Realistically, I thought I didn’t need a custom pair of skis. I weighed 165 in all my gear, did my time as a ski bum, and pretty much only hit the hill when there was eight inches or more of fresh snow. In other words, I was right in the sweet spot for every advanced powder board on the market. But I had some extra money and how often would I have the chance to spend a litle extra on something made specifically and perfectly for me? I wanted to know what that felt like, and one custom company in particular caught my eye for its incredible topsheet graphics. SkiLogik has been in operation since 2008, but is already known for it’s all-wooden topsheet designs depicting everything from mountain range profiles to scenes from Norse mythology. Like marquetry on fine-art furniture, each color is the natural shade of a different wood species. The wife of SkiLogik’s founder, Mariella Mazzerella, personally creates each design according to the whim of the customer. So yeah, this started off as an exercise in full vanity.

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