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Nov 1, 2008
Outside Magazine
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Did we nail the best resorts in North America? Or did we miss your favorite ski area? Weigh in on our ski resort smackdown.

When choosing a resort, you care most about: snow quality (78%). You care least about: nightlife (1%). Your favorite resort is: Alta/Snowbird (17%). Your second-favorite resort is: Whistler Blackcomb—great minds think alike (13%). Your favorite place to party is: Whistler Blackcomb (32%). You'd most like to own a ski condo in: Jackson Hole (18%).

Most of you are skiing purists (70%). Some of you just snowboard (18%). A few of you show-offs do both (12%). More than half of you admit to wearing helmets all the time (52%). A hell of a lot of you are on the way to concussions (40%).

The majority of you think hot tubs are the perfect way to end a day of skiing (69%). Some of you think they're germy pools (21%). And a few of you elaborated: "Best with bikini-clad women and beers … a place for horny men to make fools of themselves … cesspool of cougars and manthers … private hot tubs end the day; public hot tubs—EWW! … A if it's yours, B if it's public."

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