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Choosing where to ski in Vermont

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Choosing where to ski in Vermont
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Choosing where to ski in Vermont
Question: My friends and I want to go skiing in Stowe, Vermont. Is there still snow in April? We are leaving April 7-13 for spring break. Do you know of any deals? Or of anywhere else that we should go to ski during that time? Thanks!

Atlanta, GA

Adventure Adviser: Stowe's not a bad bet, although since they generally tend to close by the middle of April, you may have to cut your skiing short. They'll keep the lifts running as long as they can, however, so if it's been a particularly good snow year, you could be skiing all the way into early May. Says Stowe information officer Shirley, "We usually run out of skiers before we run out of snow." As for lift ticket deals, they knock 'em down to $30 per day ($48 during the high season) starting on April 8. As always, Vermont weather can be pretty finicky, so it's a good idea to call the information center at 802-253-3500 closer to your departure date to check on conditions and projected closing date.

You also may want to consider Killington Ski Resort, a monster-size, six-mountain ski area about two hours south of Stowe in central Vermont. Killington's claim to fame is that they're able to keep the lifts running into mid-June. Not bad for an East Coast ski resort that tops out at only 4,241 feet. When and how much they drop their lift ticket prices depends on the weather and snow conditions; if the skiing's still primo, you'll likely pay closer to top dollar ($48). Generally speaking, however, prices usually drop in mid-April. For details, call Killington at 800-621-6867.

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