How can I get started in your line of work?

How can I get started in your line of work?
Q: How would a young skier break into your line of work? I've been skiing for 17 years, just graduated from a top university, and I'd like to work in the ski industry. I worked as a lift operator and a ski instructor during my collegiate years, but I'd like to try something different. Do I take my camera to the hills and hope for the best? Any ideas? Need an intern?

Anne Wickers
Berkeley, CA

A: Call Warren Miller Entertainment at 800-729-3456. Ask for Don Brolin, who might have an intern position available.

Get a job at a resort shooting stills. Keep working at ski resorts doing what you like, so that when an opportunity arises, you can jump on it. Evolve into what works for you, what you like to do most.

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