Skiing Colorado in January

Week of October 5-12, 1995

Skiing Colorado in January
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Skiing Colorado in January
Q: Is there a better week than others in January for skiing in Colorado? Does Outside ever conduct a survey on best overall ski resorts?
Carrie Bard
Washington, DC

A: According to the Colorado Tourism Board, ski area prices usually hold steady throughout the powder-heavy month of January. So while you probably won't find an inexpensive time to go in January, you will escape the crowds if you plan your vacation for the second week, after the holiday skiiers wrap up their New Year's revelry and head home. Vail is especially quiet during this week--you probably won't find a lift line anywhere on the mountain. As for snow, there are no guarantees, but if you're lucky you'll get a taste of ideal January conditions: clear, sunny days and powder storms at night. Although we haven't published a reader survey on best overall ski areas, our November 1995 issue and our Winter Travel Guide feature extensive ski coverage--with reviews of top resorts in the West, the Rockies, the East, and the Alps. For more information, contact the Colorado Tourism Board at 303-592-1939, or pick up a copy of one or both of these issues, on newsstands and online here this month.

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