Chilling Tales

Read "Let the Bad Times Roll" in the October issue of Outside, now on stands, then dig in to our chamber of horror below for more hair-raising tales of paralyzing fear, backcountry mysteries, and bizarre creatures.

Unsolved Mysteries

Scary Stuff The O Files: Outside's Unsolved Mysteries
Murder. Shocking disappearances. Haunting riddles. Although we all love to head into the wild in search of inspiration, sometimes what we find are dark enigmas. To explore this eerie side of things, Outside investigates 13 haunting true-life tales of crime and mystery. PLUS: Ian Frazier on why it's only human to get creeped out; Bruce Barcott on Bigfoot, the Mothman, the yeti, and other legendary beasts; and a few gruesome cases that finally got solved.

What Scares Me
Thirteen otherwise courageous writers reveal their deepest, darkest fears in our homage to the creepy, crawly, menacing world of phobias. Prepare to squirm.

Our Favorite Haunts
Skull-lined passageways in Paris; restless Civil War ghosts defying gravity; a bone-laden church outside of Prague; San Jose's Mystery House, Hawaiian Marchers of the Night, the gardens of good and evil, and more.

Weird and Wild

"Sasquatch is Real! Forest Love Slaves Tell All!"
Tag along with some Big Foot hunters in the Pacific Northwest.

The tale of a certain gold relic that should have stayed in the ground

Goatsucker Sighted, Details to Follow
Strange beast plunders Puerto Rico, Florida, Mexico Livestock drained of blood, entrails Citizens ignore authorities' appeal for calm

Photo Galleries

The World's Creepiest Places
The birthplace of Dracula, the City of the Dead, the burial site of kings, the commoner's catacombs, and more.

October in West Virginia
Discover what two intrepid employees unearthed one eerie October night atop the otherworldly, fog-enshrouded environs of Snowshoe Ski Resort and it surrounding badlands.
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