Tell Someone When You’re Out

Tip from Kevin Quinn

Mar 6, 2012
Outside Magazine

I encourage everyone to get fired up and venture into the mountains. Make certain to go with someone who is a good partner, meaning they have experience and the know how to react in event you need to count on them. And, always be sure to let someone know where you’re going.

Referred to as "Quinner" by those who know him best, Kevin is the owner and founder of Points North Heli-Adventures in Cordova, Alaska. The company has been featured in the last ten Warren Miller films. When Kevin is not running his heli-ski operation, he can be found in Squaw Valley, California where he is an ambassador and member of the free-ride team, or somewhere floating a remote river chasing huge fish, flying his airplane, jumping out of airplanes, pedaling his mountain bike, or even exploring Antarctica.

Website:  Points North Heli-Adventures Inc.