'Choose Your Adventure' Trailer

Due to low snowfall and unstable avalanche conditions in many areas of the lower 48 this past winter, the crew at Powderwhore decided to follow skiers and snowboarders to more exotic locales. They packed light and fast, so their gear didn't interfere or slow down any of the expeditions they joined. They filmed in locations from Svalbard, Norway, to the Antarctic Peninsula, where they tagged along with skier Chris Davenport and snowboarder Seth Wescott.

"I have had the opportunity to ski on the Antarctic Peninsula three times and it has quickly become one of my favorite places in the world for ski mountaineering," says Davenport. "I love life on the boat, and the easy access to incredible ski terrain make it hard to beat. Throw in the amazing wildlife and gorgeous ocean views and you have a location second-to-none for the new film Choose Your Adventure."

Not long after returning from Antarctica, Davenport and the other guides on the expedition shared "The Top 10 Tips for Beginning Ski Mountaineers." Read them if you're interested in heading out into the backcountry. And if you're interested in ski mountaineering on the frozen continent, Ice Axe Expeditions plans to sail there again in November 2013.

—Joe Spring

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