A look back at Everest

A look back at Everest
Many questions remain about the 1996 Mount Everest expedition that left eight climbers dead atop the world's tallest peak. Here are the essentials in Outside Online's comprehensive coverage of this tragic event.

Outside magazine: The Mountain Is Ready for Its Close-Up
The IMAX extravaganza he shot on Everest confirms that David Breashears risks his life to capture mountains on film like no one else on earth. But there is much about this climbing-rat-made-good that the movie doesn't reveal.

Outside magazine: Into Thin Air
Jon Krakauer's original story that ran in the September 1996 issue of Outside magazine told the world what happened that May.

Summit Journal 1996: Scott Fischer's Ever est
Every daily dispatch from Mount Everest sent down during the expedition; a slideshow of the summit route narrated by Scott Fischer; dozens
of audio and video clips of the climbers.

The Lodge: Jon Krakauer answers questions
The News: Search for Anatoli Boukreev ends
After a week of searching atop Nepal's Mount Annapurna, hopes of finding Russian climber Anatoli Boukreev alive have been abandoned.

The News: Boukreev feared dead after avalanche
Russian climber Anatoli Boukreev is missing and feared dead after an avalanche occurred on the Himalayan peak he was ascending, 26,700-foot Mount Annapurna.

The News: David Breashears finishes IMAX film
Watch for climber David Breashears's IMAX movie on Mount Everest in theaters early in 1998.

The News: Death on Everest airs on ABC
Here's the news on the ABC Sunday Night Movie
about Krakauer's book that aired November 9, 1997.

The Lodge: Scott Fischer: An aptitude for altitude
Fischer answered Outside Online readers' questions in March 1996 before he left for Mount Everest.

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