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White Lightning

Sean Glaccum discusses fast water and first descents in the Himalayas

Last October, 25-year-old river guide and photographer Sean Glaccum charged two of Nepal's rowdiest, most bone-chilling waterways on his quest to become the first to kayak all seven of the rivers draining the region's eight 8,000-meter peaks.

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Glaccum, from Ketchum, Idaho, is well on his way to achieving his goal, having knocked off five of the big rivers since his first 1998 run down the treacherous Modi Khola.

On this most recent expedition, Glaccum hoofed it through the Himalayas on a shoestring budget with his team of three porters and two kayaking buddies, 26-year-old Joe Carberry and 33-year-old Andy Sommer; scouting unmapped rivers and racking up three first descents along the way.

"We're just a bunch of guys out there to have fun," says Glaccum, "but those are big words— 'first descent.' It feels really good to have done what we've done."

Here, Outside Online presents an exclusive slide show of the expedition with images and narration by Glaccum himself.

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