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Our man Eric Hansen has scoured the globe in the name of misadventure and excitement. Here, read all of Hansen's columns for Outside, listen to audio versions, peruse photos he took while on assignment, and watch a video as our guy shows you how to drink Tequila.

August 2009
Rollerblading France Rollerblading, that neon, spandex-clad fad of the eighties and nineties, is alive and well-in France, of course

July 2009
You Mess With The Bull... Face paint is good for hiding tears of terror, and other lessons learned from my short, scary apprenticeship as a rodeo clown.

May 2009
I Love My Job Those people who say that? They're annoying. But, as our man eventually discovers, that doesn't mean they're not on to something.

February 2009
Sweet Little Lies We tried to stop our man from revealing the dirty secrets of travel writing. Alas, he refused to be muzzled.

November 2008
Mission Improbable Still, traversing the rugged and remote Olympic Peninsula is doable, thanks to inflatable boats called packrafts—and a bit of ingenuity.

September 2008
Beaver Fever Meet José, emblem of New York City's wildlife renaissance—and the Big Apple's newest Casanova.

August 2008
Like Water for Chocolate Sailing the Caribbean, delivering homegrown chocolate bars? Good work if you can get it, which is exactly what our man did.

June 2008
Wind Talkers The craziest way to spread the gospel about North Dakota's enormous, untapped wind power? Kite-ski the bastard.

April 2008
This May Burn a Little But once it hits your lips, it's so good! Join two thirsty gringos on Mexico's Tequila Trail. Watch a Video

February 2008
Outta My Way, Pumpkin! She rips like Julia Mancuso. You ski blue runs. So is the relationship doomed? Dr. Eric weighs in on “Skills Deficit Syndrome" and other perils of extreme love.Forum

December 2007
Stumped Two gung-ho idiots try to demonstrate that the world’s last great forest + chainsaws = awesome skiing.

October 2007
That '70s Guy
Eric Hansen grows a 'stache and travels back in time as a rowin', ridin', dancin' 70s Guy.
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September 2007
The Italian Job
Five idyllic Italian towns, the beckoning Mediterranean, e voi. Somnambulistic buddy in tow, Hansen botches a no-brainer assignment but good.
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August 2007
The Wimp Gene
He figured he worked through pain like a Mack truck. Then he met Dr. Angst and Nurse Tingle.
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June 2007
Dead Weight
When our man dons a tumpline and dhoko for a five-day trek in the Himalayas, he discovers two things: Nepali porters may be the toughest workers in the universe, and there's simply no way he can measure up.
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March 2007
The School of Sap
Jonathon Keats believes trees are artists, too, so he lined up 50 evergreens that seemed ready to sigh, sway, and create. Care to buy a sketch?
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January 2007
How She Rolls
It's a rude, happy awakening when Grandma road-trips better than you.
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December 2006
The Run for My Cure
In which our intrepid misadventurer sets out to win a marathon and quit smoking. (Hint: He only succeeds at one.)
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Q&A: Eric Hansen, Rowing, and Cinque Terra Don't Mix
Hansen dishes on the coveted Out of Bounds gig and how he ended up over 100 miles from where we sent him for the September column, "The Italian Job." Plus, he hashes it out with his buddy J.D. on what went wrong on the trip and how their friendship was saved by the power of gelato.
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