Death Toll From Sandy Rises to 75 in United States, 143 Overall

A composite image of Sandy making landfall at night. Photo: NASA/Goddard

The death toll from Sandy in the United States has risen to 75, according to the Associated Press. One death in Canada and 67 deaths in the Caribbean bring the count to 143 deaths total from the superstorm. Authorities fear that number will likely rise as search and rescue units scour debris and check areas that are flooded.

The storm knocked out power to more than eight million people in 17 states. The New York Times has a graphic showing the areas and the number of people affected by outages. As subways and buses start up again in New York City, experts warn caution should still be taken in affected areas. The Associated Press has compiled a state-by-state list of the storm's damage. NPR has compiled a list of health hazards—mold, contaminated water, carbon monoxide poisoning—resulting from Sandy, and addressed methods for preventing and dealing with such threats. The Red Cross and FEMA have resources and contact numbers for people who need help.

NPR reported this morning on Haiti, where the effects of the storm are still being felt. The death toll there is 57, more than 18,000 were left homeless, and the threat of cholera looms.

—Joe Spring

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