True Inspiration From Our Readers

Three Outside readers tell us how the magazine led them to do something different

Bed Oregon True Inspiration

Bend, Oregon.    Photo: trekkyandy/Flickr

True Inspiration: Bye, Bye Los Angeles

And hello Bend

Bend Oregon inspiration Los Angeles G5
Downtown Bend.   Photo: matthew.hickey/Flickr

True Inspiration: Maybe That's Where I'll Go to School

Our list of best colleges inspires a reader's decision and career

Granite Mountain Thumb Butte Prescott Arizona College
Prescott, Arizona.   Photo: Dave Veatch/Wikimedia Commons

True Inspiration: My Rod's Worth More Than My Car

A reader receives a special package in the mail

Volkswagon bus car rod fly fishing
Volkswagon bus.   Photo: sahlgoode/Flickr

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