A YouTube Plea to Clean Up a Santa Cruz Beach Is Answered

On Thursday, November 8, at 9:53 a.m., Dylan Grenier took a camera down to Collins Cove in Santa Cruz, California, and recorded discarded drug paraphenalia, a stash of supplies, trash, and a number of people hanging out and sleeping near that scene. Later in the day, he posted the video to YouTube and asked the city to do a massive clean-up before the big waves arrived and washed the debris onto nearby Cowell's Beach.

By Saturday, the comments show that several people had volunteered to help with the clean-up, and the mayor's office posted a response.

From SC Mayor Don Lane...

Though the city "offices" are closed today, last night I shared the video with our Parks Director and she activated a crew to follow up. First thing this morning a team of parks workers including the Parks Superintendent cleaned the area and finished about 9:15 am - following up on the GREAT WORK DONE YESTERDAY BY VOLUNTEERS. City staff is now working on a plan for how to block off the cave area below the cliff.

Thanks to Dylan and others who mobilized a quick response.

H/T: Surfer Forum

—Joe Spring

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