Journalist to Write Book About Career Chasing Lance Armstrong

David Walsh/Twitter. Photo: Screenshot

When journalist David Walsh, the chief sports writer for the Sunday Times and the author of From Lance to Landis and LA Confidential, needed a title for his new book about the 13 years he’s spent trying to expose Lance Armstrong’s doping, he took to Twitter. “Thinking about title for this last book on LA, have not come up with anything. So okay it's over to you - 1 or 2-word title, 3 or 4 max,” he said.

Responses came streaming in. Some were good. Some made little sense at all. Walsh kept a running tab of his favorites and responded to them. Here’s a short list, including the tweet announcing the winner, Seven Deadly Sins.

"Filthy Shades of Bullshit is still funniest but Miracle, My Arse is up there, Liar, Liar, Lance is Higher is subtly funny. LiAr is another." October 30

"Others to consider: Truth In Remission, Sir Lance Lied A Lot, Lance Edgar and Me, Silence Of The Lance, Winning - It's In The Blood." October 31

“The two funniest were Fifty Shades of Bullshit and The Legend of Blagger Lance and if I'd had to go with a one-word title, then - STRIPPED.” November 10

“Got to tell @oliverjones1988, you got it. Seven Deadly Sins, obviously with the name Lance Armstrong in there. I think it's got something.” November 12

Simon and Schuster will release the book on December 13. If you’re wondering how Walsh might approach the story, here’s a hint: “Pulling book together is interesting, a reminder of mistakes, lost innocence and how in the end my heroes weren't the ones on the podium.” October 31

—Joe Spring

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