The 5 Best Thanksgiving Celebrations Outside the United States

Just because you're headed overseas this November doesn't mean you have to miss Turkey Day. We round up the best Thanksgiving feasts for backpackers, expats, and other travelers.

Thanksgiving banquet

It's easy to find a Thanksgiving celebration abroad—if you know where to look.    Photo: Tarapong Pattamachaiyant/Shutterstock

The scene is a familiar one: You’ve traveled thousands of miles from the United States looking for adventure in foreign lands, but Thanksgiving rolls around and those pangs of homesickness hit. You suddenly miss the turkey, the stuffing, even your wine-swilling uncle who makes off-color comments at the table. The good news is that you’re probably closer to finding a traditional Turkey Day dinner than you might think. The best options are always in the nearest big city: high-end American chain hotels often hold celebrations, as do U.S.-themed restaurants. American social clubs and local expat online meet-ups can point you in the right direction, and sometimes put on their own events. With a little digging, you can find all the comforts of a Thanksgiving at home (minus the drunken family members).

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