The 5 Best Alternative Thanksgiving Meats

Tired of turkey? Replace the bird with one of these four sustainable wild meats (plus one vegan alternative)

Nov 19, 2012
Outside Magazine

Tired of turkey? Try something new this Thanksgiving.    Photo: Christian Jung/Shutterstock

Thanksgiving is synonymous with turkey, so banishing the bird from your table may seem like the height of madness. But bear with us. Replacing a store-bought turkey with sustainably-harvested game is better for the planet and gives guests a chance to sample exciting new flavors beyond the bland meat from freezer-aisle poultry. We spoke to five hunters and chefs who, after bristling at the thought of serving hormone-filled, fattened turkeys at their tables, shared their recipes for four wild meats (and one vegan alternative) they’ll likely cook up this Thursday night. Yes, there is life after Butterball.

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