A Clip Does Everything It Can to Inspire Backcountry Skiing

Last fall, ESPN said All.I.Can was the best movie in skiing. The film blew up after a clip of skier J.P. Auclair performing tricks in three British Columbia towns went viral. He skied down stairs, jumped a clothesline in someone's backyard, and sent sparks flying as he crossed roads on his skis. The street segment likely inspired more than a few questionable urban tricks off roofs and rails.

Now All.I.Can is available for purchase on iTunes, and Sherpas Cinema has released another clip to promote the movie. The new segment, "Life is Born," crams multi-season timelapses of glaciers and trees in with aerials of transportation and energy infrastructure and ends with a pair of skiers skinning up a mountain. It's a mash-up edited to inspire a few more people to head out of the city and into the backcountry.

—Joe Spring

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