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Alexander Polli Shatters a Foam Target While Flying in a Wingsuit

On his YouTube channel, BASE jumper Alexander Polli said he has completed the "first-ever successful wingsuit target strike." In the video above, Polli rockets down a slalom course, shatters a foam marker with his left arm, and continues flying forward on his projected path. Polli said in the text below the YouTube video that he reached a speed of 155mph on the course, which is in the same location where Jeb Corliss shot his famous Grinding the Crack video. BASE jumping fans with a knowledge of that Grinding the Crack flight might point out that Corliss famously hit a target during his flight—the string attached to a balloon.

Polli said he did the jump to help change the public's perception of wingsuiting from a daredevil activity to a sport. Whether shattering a foam marker while flying alone so close to the ground at a speed above 100mph is the way to do that is questionable. But Polli's desire—of wanting the public to consider wingsuit flying a sport—was also repeated several times by BASE jumpers before the World Wingsuit League's inaugural race, which was held this past October in China. It featured the athletes racing down a marked course and under a cable car wire that served as a finish line. Julian Boulle won that event, and earned a $20,000 prize as a result.

—Joe Spring

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