New Online Store Features Artists, Craftsmen, and Fresh Brands


Yesterday, specialty outdoor e-tailer launched Treeline, an online retail showcase for artists, craftsmen, and up-and-coming brands whose products “evolve the outdoor lifestyle.”

The new site goes way beyond selling shirts, shoes, or wooden camping bowls. Each week, will profile one brand/artist. Treeline introduces the brand not just through its saleables, but with an interview with the head honchos to give shoppers the behind-the-scenes scoop.

Fifteen years ago, two ski bums started selling avy beacons online out of their garage. That was the start of Jill Layfield, Backcountry's CEO, said: “Treeline is an experiment for us, one that comes straight from the heart of, from our roots. We are a specialty retailer deeply invested in the future of specialty retail. New brands and product innovation are fundamental to the specialty retail experience. With Treeline, we honor outdoor-focused entrepreneurs and provide a showcase for innovation and creativity.”

This week, check out Pladra on Treeline—purveyor of fine plaid shirts made for work and play with animal prints on the inside cuffs.

—Berne Broudy

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