Holiday Gift Idea #1: A One-Person Remote Control Helicopter

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the person who has everything, consider giving an IOU note with HX-1 written on it. That's the name of toymaker Hirobo's one-person, single-seat, remote control electric helicopter, which won't be ready until at least next year. The wait is a good thing for several reasons, one being the craft is expected to hit the market with a price of $375,000. It would take a while for 99 percent of the population to save up and buy it.

The other big reason the wait is a good thing? The craft isn't quite ready for a human occupant. Flight Global says limited hover tests have been performed this year. Next year full tests will be executed.

Aside from recreational pursuits for the wealthy, the craft could also be used by, say, rescue personnel to save a person from a burning building. Wired says the copter is expected to fly at up to 60 miles per hour and will have a battery life of 30 minutes. So far, Hirobo has poured $125 million into developing the craft. The HX-1 is a significant upgrade from the company's previous offerings, remote control toy helicopters—something you should at least consider before gifting it.

—Joe Spring

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