A New 360-Degree POV Cam For Catching, and Controlling, the Action

The next revolution in POV cameras and viewing software allows the watcher to control the view. Red Bull has teamed up with the tech company Making View to release a series of action sports videos captured with the ViewCam 360, a modular camera that records a really, really wide view. The company says that the camera can capture 360-degree, 4K x 2K equirectangular video at 25-50fps. The whole contraption weighs around 600 grams, or 1.3 pounds. The recordings are added to playback software titled the Making Viewer, which allows the online watcher to pan and tilt the footage for the view they want.

Two of the more recent clips feature footage recorded from a Formula 1 race car and downhill mountain bike racer. The video above shows mountain biker Brendan Fairclough navigating a course in Hafjell, Norway. Use the arrow keys or a mouse to see the competitor in front, the clouds passing overhead, the trees whizzing by, the athlete gaining from behind, or whatever other POV angle makes you feel less ill.

—Joe Spring


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