Adventure Video of the Week: A Skier's Journey to Iceland

The hardest part of watching Jordan Manley's third episode of A Skier's Journey is knowing that it's the last in this year's series. That thought quickly fades away as the stunning footage of Iceland transports you out of the present and into dreams of skiing yet another foreign landscape.

In Iceland: A Skier's Journey, Manley records skiers Chad Sayers, Forrest Coots, and Chad Manley as locals Siggi Jonnson and Runar Karlson guide them through and over the terrain of Iceland's Westfjord coast. They cut through waves on a sailboat; paddle to rocky inlets in kayaks with skis strapped up front; stand in empty, long-abandoned houses; and ski down virgin slopes misted by waterfalls. They skin up hills through fog, mat down lichen under their ski boots, and drift in and out of sweeping turns, which Manley edits so that the skiers disappear and reappear over snowy slopes framed by the rocky landscape, offering an even more ethereal view of a soft, quiet visit to a decidedly rugged place.

—Joe Spring

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