Winter Camping

Telluride, Colorado

Dec 26, 2007
Outside Magazine
Winter Camping Telluride, Colorado

Camp out in style with Telluride’s luxurious igloo tours    Photo: courtesy, Colorado Ski Country

There aren't many winter camping trips that would attract the likes of both Tom Cruise and a Saudi prince. But Telluride Alpinism has done just that with its igloo tours, by turning what would essentially be bivouacking in an ice cave into a made-to-order, first-class dining-and-lodging experience. "They ask us, we do it," says co-owner Tara Butson. Her staff builds the igloo before you arrive, stokes a raging bonfire, and sculpts a low table—with tablecloth, of course—for dining in the snow. A private chef pours vintage pinot and prepares filet mignon with fresh vegetables while a concert violinist entertains you with Bach. A candle chandelier and the insulating properties of snow keep the igloo warm (and the violin in tune) until you're ready to crawl under a down comforter. $550 per night, including concert;

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